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this website is brought to u by: anime_lovnancy and is

based on ryan-----> (totally morsal's idea) i am not naming

anybody cuz they will get mad so please understand the

circumstances ok?

RockYou FXText

If you care about only popularity and self pleasure, then you are officialy a

CoDe PLAYER!!!! and this is not a good thing.... this means u lead people into

thinking your all that wen ur really just using them. and YES, this may seem like

 your havin a darn good time. but think about the other opponent. friend or

popularity? >ps. ur still not that popular. and YES boys would probably say

popularity. but thats y code player is gonna beat u at ur say. if U boys think being

 a CoDe PLAYER is cool. im here to teach u the rule.

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 DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES-------> boys and girls have different ways of thinking about certain types of situations. from my personal point of view...i would say boys would normally be the player and girls would be the so called: products. OBVIOUSLY, that cannot be proven because there are some girls out there in the world who are just as well of a player then a boy could be. but wat the problem looks like to me is that boys take advantage of girls more then the girls do to boys. i mean we're easy to lure but that doesnt mean we're easy to be tossed. using girls as a source to get popular or some other stupid guy reason> is NOT very sufficient or EXCEPTIONAL. and to think that its ok......IS NOTHING MORE THEN SHOWING, U DONT CARE ABOUT URSELF! u wonder y i say that. well ur obviously wanting attention right? well you've sure got it! but in a bad way. and ur thinking the so called (cool) people like u. but really their actually laughing behind ur back. even THEY know u had just made a fool of urself.............


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